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B-PASS Nov 2011 - Especial Q&A 30x5 Personal Q&A

Traduccion al inglés de la entrevista que hicieron a los miembros, en la que responden a 30 preguntas sobre ellos y sobre TOXIC.
Creditos a ruki_candy @ livejournal

The GazettE TOXIC Special Q&A 30x5

["TOXIC" Compilation]

Q1. Please tell us some words about album [TOXIC] release and the first front cover feature!
Q2. Your feeling when you listened to the completed sound in [TOXIC]?
Q3. "TOXIC" = poison. A part in yourself which is like poison?
Q4. I'm "addicted" to it~ What do you have in mind?
Q5. Please tell us the vital point in TOXIC!
Q6. Please pick one of your remaining memories during recording!
Q7. Tour will start in October. Are there things you worry about before the tour?
Q8. Please tell us the point you like the most about your costumes this time.
Q9. In this year's summer you performed at [Summer Sonic] for the first time! Please tell us your impressions of trying to stand on Summer Sonic's stage.
Q10. You also appeared on an event belonged to your office [Peace & Smile Carnival]! What was the impressive thing?

["Looking for Personal" Compilation]

Q11. Your recent hobby, what's your special preference?
Q12. Are you sleeping and waking up in a good way? Also, what do you immediately do after you wake up?
Q13. Recently, the things you've been eating unconsciously?
Q14. Your favorite color?
Q15. The place where you relax inside your room?
Q16. What do you think you're most worried about in yourself right now?
Q17. Do you have your own's special jinx?
Q18. If you go out to have fun, is it karaoke? drinks? shopping? or others?
Q19. What kind of alcohol do you like? (Non alcohol is also fine)
Q20. What do you usually do to pass time when you're alone?
Q21. Please tell us about the first CD you bought.
Q22. Can you cook by yourself? What's your specialty dish?
Q23. There's a saying [Every man has his own peculiar habits]. What's your habit (or your favorite way of saying it)?
Q24. It's here! During the time of a match, what do you do so that you're not nervous?
Q25. What's on your mind right now?
Q26~29. Please say a message to each member!
Q30. Please say a message to the readers who are reading this!


A1. It's a happy ending
A2. "Aah, so it was like this."
A3. Everything is streaked with poison
A4. Band
A5. If I report it in one page, I think the good quality will be different
A6. The lyrics are neverending.........
A7. Will it exceed the expectation?
A8. The silhouette of the suit
A9. It was simply fun
A10. "Everyone is earnest, huh.."
A11. Watching movies
A12. It's terribly bad
A13. Soumen (fine white noodles)
A15. Bed
A16. Everything
A17. I feel that if I wake up in the morning with a good mood, it will be a good day...
A18. Shopping
A19. Ginger ale
A20. Work
A21. m.c.A.T [BOMB A HEAD!]
A22. I can't
A23. Laughing like, "Fufu."
A24. I want you to teach me
A25. Japan's structure
A26. To Aoi: Cycling, fight!
A27. To Uruha: Are there any good sound materials?
A28. To Reita: Upbringing is difficult, right.
A29. To Kai: As I thought the bass drum is 24.


A1. I'm happy about the front cover! To be known by more people is an honor
A2. Honestly, I'm looking forward to expand without having any expectation or how I should put it, a fresh discovery
A3. My tendency to give up
A4. I can't think of anything other than creating music
A5. There's none, or perhaps I should say rather than listening to the points, I want everyone to listen to the whole thing
A6. The sleepless night creating SE
A7. I want the flow of the live to hit into my body quickly
A8. Wide pants
A9. The most necessary event for the GazettE now!
A10. I thought, "Occassionally we have such events, huh.."
A11. Running as usual
A12. Waking is fine. After I wake up I turn on music.
A13. Ramen
A14. Black
A15. Sofa
A16. Various information
A17. Connecting the good things and bad things
A18. Shopping and drinking
A19. Sherry
A20. Doing something on the PC
A21. If I remember correctly DREAM COMES TRUE's [Kessen wa Kinyoubi/ The Final Battle is Friday]
A22. Things like pasta
A23. Things like hunching my back
A24. There's no way to do that! (laughs)
A25. --
A26. To RUKI: Give me Koron
A27. To Aoi: Give me your bicycle
A28. To Reita: Give me your motorbike
A29. To Kai: Give me your foreign car
A30. I'm sorry for writing trivial things


A1. I can't really say a word but.. thank you
A2. The spoiled feeling in the end is GOOD!!
A3. I, am selling with purity so things like poison is a bit....
A4. Well, my image is pure so it's somewhat....
A5. Well, it's a long-awaited album, so instead of shuffling I want people to listen to it with this flow
A6. Finally the guitar techinican (for recording) arrived!
A7. Things like whether we can find bars which are open until morning or not
A8. The cloth.. it's easy to move
A9. As I thought music is good (earnestly)
A10. It's something weird, I thought if a band doesn't have eagerness, the fans can't be pleased.
A11. I guess it's bicycle... . It's different from a hobby though, road biking to build my strength
A12. It's very bad
A13. Rock Seaweed Ramen from Akanoren
A14. Black, gold
A15. In front of my Mac
A16. Love
A17. I think great effort and talent are everything
A18. Absolutely drinking
A19. First of all beer. After that, highball with Yamazaki 12-year-old whisky
A20. An effort to widen understanding
A21. It's [Odoroponpokorin] though? (lol Chibi Maruko-chan OST)
A22. I don't cook.
A23. Umm. I don't understand it myself~
A24. I rarely get nervous. Even so, if I do get nervous, I'll make a mistake
A25. The increasing price of cigarettes
A26. To RUKI: Especially
A27. To Uruha: None
A28. To Reita: It is, isn't it
A29. To Kai: ......
A30. Wouldn't you be my bride?!


A1. Thanks!!
A2. Dangerous--!! It's cool!!
A3. I don't want to do the same things as my surroundings
A4. I guess it's motorbike
A5. It might be interesting to listen to it in repeat!!
A6. Overall the tension was high
A7. There are a ot of new songs......
A8. The first best!
A9. The feeling is so good!!
A10. It's been a while since we went home after 3 songs
A11. Cleaning
A12. Waking is fine. When I wake up I look at my cellphone
A13. Atarime (a kind of dried snacks)
A14. Red
A15. My own room
A16. The strength to do things continuously
A17. Tapping my instrument before live
A18. Shopping, I guess
A19. Ginger ale!
A20. Internet
A21. Checker's [Giza Giza no Komoriuta/ The Jagged Lullaby]
A22. I can't do it--!
A23. I can't say it here (laughs)
A24. I want to know that!
A25. too many changes of Prime Minister!
A26. to RUKI: You'll treat me kebab, right?
A27. to Aoi: Are you riding your bicycle?
A28. To Uruha: Give me MacBook Air!
A29. To Kai: Tell me about movies!
A30. Please treat B=PASS and the GazettE well from now on!!


A1. It's an honor
A2. I want to do live soon~
A3. The time when I squeeze myself to death
A4. Live
A5. Let it pass and listen to it, then go back to first song and feel the connection, it's interesting
A6. The toughness of creating sounds
A7. Whether the sound will come together or not, since the drum set just got changed
A8. The net, the net (laughs)
A9. It was fun and we were exhausted. We want to come again next year.
A10. There are various bands in PS Company!!
A11. Remodelling my room
A12. It's fine! First of all I brush my teeth
A13. Ice
A14. Gold. Black
A15. Living room
A16. Pursuing the new sounds
A17. Basically my sleeping posture is bad, so the day when my sleeping posture is good will be a good day!
A18. Drinking!! but there's no companion! (laughs)
A19. Nihonshu (Japanese sake)
A20. Reading manga, watching movies
A21. Lindberg
A22. Tentatively! things like pasta
A23. Saying, "Eeh~"! (laughs)
A24. Firing myself up!
A25. Things that make me sweat
A26. To RUKI: the design is cool everytime!
A27. To Aoi: I envy your various interests!
A28. To Uruha: Be my drinking companion! (laughs)
A29. To Reita: I rented DVD so let's watch it!
A30. Live is interesting so it will be good to try coming!

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