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B=PASS, Octubre 2011 scans y mini-entrevista

CREDITOS: rawkstarr23 via gazette_daily @ LiveJournal

Aqui os dejo la traduccion al inglés de la última página, que es una mini-entrevista de cinco preguntas a cada uno de los miembros:

Q1. Please tell us about the [URGE = impulse] you've felt recently!
Q2. The single [REMEMBER THE URGE]. Please tell us your personal recommendation of the important point in this single!
Q3. Brownout summer. What is "My Small" electricity conservation method this summer?
Q4. Please tell us your memory of this summer, or the things you're looking forward to after this!
Q5. In October you will release the new album [TOXIC]. In the next edition of B-PASS album interview will appear. Please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to it!

A1. As I thought it's music. Once again, playing with comrades and sounds is fun.
A2. I'm pleased with the point where the bass drum enters, so I want people to listen to it. It's hard to understand though (laughs).
A3. Air-conditioner CUT!
A4. This year I'll absolutely go to the sea and sleep.
A5. It's something we have been waiting for a little less than two years, I think it will be an album everyone can enjoy, that's why please also look forward to the interview too.

A1. Recently there hasn't been any~.I want to succumb to an impulse!
A2. As expected it's the drum roll in the beginning.
A3. Putting cooling sheet under me when I sleep.
A4. Summer Sonic!
A5. The poison is terrific. I want to let everyone hear it soon.

A1. There may not be any... .
A2. It was long-awaited so listen to the whole thing, okay ♡
A3. Switch is ON/OFF.
A4. Vocal for the first time! There are also a lot of events.
A5. It's dangerous. In this next issue I think I want to talk incomprehensibly about the [TOXIC] the GazettE commences.

A1. I watched Buddy Rich's DVD after a long time. Emotional drumming as ever.
A2. The snare at the opening.
A3. I don't use air conditioner.
A4. Summer Sonic, Inazuma, Those are new events, so I'm looking forward to it,
(no A5)

A1. I had the urge to change the work environment at my home.
A2. The various flavour in the three coupling songs included is the enjoyable point!
A3. Recommendation of air conditioner at 28°C.
A4. I want to do barbeque.
A5. In the next issue I think I want to reveal about the whole story of the album. Please look forward to it.

CREDITOS: Ruki-candy a traves de Livejournal

Gracias a @theGazettE_TNL por compartirlo!

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